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Duvets & Table Clothes for Emperors and Queens (of the household, naturally!)

Story of the
Buldan Cloth

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2. Organic, Old-World Artisan Style

3. Centuries of History

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Buy Wholesale - Saving 40-60% off retail - limited availability only!

Treat yourself to a rare gift, consider one or maybe two of our special, unique home furnishing heirloom products.

[ available only for a limited time because of our Turkish bulk buy supplier ]

Choose from ornate table clothes, with lace or gold embroidery, table runners with lace or a duvet cover, with old-world hand done ornamentation, gorgeous embroidery, some even with ornamental tassels. Come, for once they are gone (our last overseas shipment) - they’re gone.



Organic, Old-World Artisan Style

If that isn’t enough to make you feel just great, please also consider that Buldan Cloth is grown and processed to organic standards [ without the nasty synthetics / harsh pesticides ], is fair trade, hand made and loomed by traditional old-world artisans taking magical cloth and turning it into heirloom quality, beautiful home decor accessories.



Centuries of History

Whichever house you visit in Buldan, you first hear the sound of a song, and then notice a callused hand or one stained with henna. You find yourself in an age-old story which has continued unchanged for centuries. It is the story of Buldan cloth, each thread of which is the product of hard work and methods which have been passed down from father to son and mother to daughter for countless generations.




For the inhabitants of the town of Buldan in the western Turkish province of Denizli, weaving is a way of life. The town's history is closely associated with the fabrics woven here. 




The production of Buldan fabric is still done in workbenches not in automatic machines. The products are sewed by the women living in Buldan not in factories. So the same products can differ from hand by hand with unique personal character.



These renowned woven fabrics were admired by the Ottoman Palace, and Sultan Genc Osman's shirt, Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha's shawl, Yildirim Beyazit's daughter's wedding dress were all made of these very fabrics.



Tucked amoungst the stunning landscapes, fascinating ancient sites, and regional cuisine, the famous Silk Road traverses Turkey, supported by the traditional techniques used, from the growing of the cotton, to the weaving and dyeing of cloth and heirloom carpets. For centuries their artisans have been legendary for their quality production of cotton, silk, embroidery, jewelry and ceramics. Please take a look at our offerings - we invite you to take home a conversation piece (or two) - a new family heirloom.


Blessings and best of 2008 to one and all!


To view selections , please contact:
Joseph at:
(250) 929.1929
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